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The Children

Child Protection

Melton School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  Further information is available in our Child Protection Policy, which is available on request from the school.


Pastoral care

The class teacher assumes responsibility for the day to day welfare and behaviour of your child in school. The school operates an “open door” policy, which means that staff are readily available before and after school for a brief chat. We are always willing to arrange a time for a longer session as we value our partnership with parents and because it is always much better to discuss problems before they become major issues.

School Code of Conduct

At Melton Primary School we promote a culture of learning - for this to happen it is important that children work in a happy and secure environment where there is calm and order.

We promote this by having a behaviour policy that is based on praise and the rewarding of good work and behaviour, and having a common set of sanctions for children who do not adhere to the school’s code of conduct.
Every class has a set of rules, which are shared with the children and their parents. Every class also has a range of rewards, which are earned either as a whole class or as an individual.

The school also operates a system of merit awards that are presented for good work and behaviour. These merit awards are accumulative and eventually either a bronze, silver, gold or platinum merit certificate is awarded to the children in whole school celebration assemblies.

Details of our expectations are included in the Home-School Agreement and a copy of our behaviour policy is available on request.

Home–School–Child Agreement

The school, in consultation with parents, has produced a Home-School Agreement, which we ask every family to sign. The Agreement sets out what the child, family and school can expect from each other in terms of the education partnership. It covers many issues including homework, attendance, behaviour, manners and exchange of information. A copy of the Agreement will be given to each family on admission to the school.